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Exclusive: VH-1 to produce Pink Floyd film?
Feature-length movie would cast actors to play Pink Floyd circa "The Wall"

A new film based on Pink Floyd might be in the making. Cable television company VH-1 is considering producing a feature-length "bio pic" on the band. It has produced similar features based on Meatloaf, Def Leppard, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Heart.

Last August, Floydian Slip host Craig Bailey spoke with Tom Grasty, head of development for the motion picture division of VH-1. Grasty was researching the band's activities during the late 1970s, especially the making of "The Wall."

"I'm always trying to sort of come up with bio pics and original music-driven stories to air on the network" Grasty said. He explained the other '70s bands VH-1 has focused on are "what our audience grew up on and that's what they want to see. 'The Wall' falls into that pretty squarely."

Grasty has declined requests for additional updates on the project.

"These things always sort of start out as a kernel of an idea and nine times out of 10 they don't go anywhere," he admitted in August.

(Posted: March 25, 2001)


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