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(Posted: May 19, 2001. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

"The Wall" demo to be released
Recording features Roger Waters performing "The Wall" unaccompanied

Roaring Mouse is about to release early demo recordings of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." The 75-minute CD, titled "Building the Wall," will contain material Floyd co-founder Roger Waters recorded on his own to pitch his idea to the rest of the band in 1978.

In its June issue, Ice magazine reports the recordings are supposedly made from Waters' original masters. They feature him playing and singing the entire work, which would later become Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in 1979. Waters performs "The Wall" unaccompanied , occasionally playing along to a drum track.

The magazine cites an unnamed source close to the project as saying these recordings have never been heard before. "The songs David Gilmour sang on the album have no vocals. Some lyrics are different, and while the interludes are intact, they're different, too," the source says. "No child choir either ... just Roger singing that part. It sounds absolutely fantastic."

The CD is identical to a limited edition CD-R recently released by the Ayanami label in Japan. The Roaring Mouse CD includes beefed up artwork and liner notes; its availability in the United States is questionable, since, like the Japanese release, the CD is unauthorized.

(Posted: May 19, 2001)


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