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(Posted: Nov. 2, 2001. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

David Gilmour hints at end of Pink Floyd
Drummer Nick Mason more optimistic about future Floyd project

During a recent BBC2 interview, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour suggested the upcoming "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd" compilation "probably" signals the end of the band. "You never know exactly what the future (holds)," Gilmour offered. "I'm not going to slam any doors too firmly, but I don't see myself doing any more of that, and I certainly don't see myself going out on a big Floyd tour again."

He added that the stripped-down solo show he performed in June — and will perform again in January — probably reflects a framework for a solo album he hasn't yet recorded.

Floyd drummer Nick Mason, in an Oct. 30 story published by Launch.com, sounded more optimistic. "I don't feel I've retired yet," Mason said. "You know, if everyone wanted to, we could certainly still do something. I've spent 30 years waiting for the planets to align. I'm quite used to it."

Mason also indicated keyboardist Rick Wright is working on a solo album. Wright's last solo effort was 1996's "Broken China."

"Echoes" will be released Nov. 6 by Capitol Records in the United States, and by EMI elsewhere. The label has embarked on a substantial publicity campaign for the album, the likes of which Floyd hasn't been subject to in decades. Read more about "Echoes."

(Posted: Nov. 2, 2001)


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