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(Posted: April 28, 2002. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

Pink Floyd tribute CD in the works
a fair forgery of pink floydCompilation to feature Los Angeles bands

More than a dozen Los Angeles, Calif., bands will appear on a new 2-CD Pink Floyd tribute album. The compilation, with a working title of "A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd," will be released in January 2003.

"Which One's Pink? will be contributing 'straight' covers of 'Dogs' and 'What Shall We Do Now?,'" according to Dan Johnson, manager of L.A. Floyd cover band Which One's Pink? "The tracks being contributed by the other artists represent their own unique take on each song," he adds. "The arrangements are different, the instrumentation is different. For example, Federation Blackout has covered 'Corporal Clegg' delivering the track in a hard rock idiom that suggests Jimi Hendrix and Slash more than David Gilmour."

Most of the tracks are being produced at Stanley Recordings in Venice, Calif. The track list so far includes:

  1. "Dogs" (Which One's Pink)
  2. "What Shall We Do Now?" (Which One's Pink)
  3. "Bike" (Harvette)
  4. "High Hopes" (Shark & The Smoke)
  5. "Fearless" (Tom Freund)
  6. "Wish You Were Here" (Sally Semrad)
  7. "Have a Cigar" (IRA)
  8. "Money" (Yortoise)
  9. "Corporal Clegg" (Federation Blackout)
  10. "Pigs on the Wing Pts 1 & 2" (Reckless Tortfeasor)
  11. "Sheep" (Numira)
  12. "Is There Anybody Out There?" (Stevie Z)
  13. "In the Flesh" (Shaun Guerin)
  14. "Nobody Home" (Courtney Fairchild)

Johnson says he hopes the CD will be available through Internet outlets like CDBaby.com and Amazon.com, and at national chain and independent record stores.

Addendum: The album was released March 28, 2003. Purchase your copy now.

(Posted: April 28, 2002; Nov. 10, 2002; April 4, 2003)

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Updated: April 4, 2003

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