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(Posted: Aug. 22, 2002. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

Roger Waters to rent home in Manhattan
Move to the Big Apple could signal progress on new album

An Aug. 22 press report states that Roger Waters is shopping for a home to rent in New York City. The New York Post reported that the former Pink Floyd member and his wife, Priscilla, are looking for a home to rent in Manhattan.

The couple's looking to spend up to $50,000 a month in rent. The article estimates Waters is worth $90 million.

Speculating as to why Waters would want to rent a home instead of buying one, a music industry executive stated in the article, "He's probably recording a new album."

Waters is said to have been working on a new rock record since February. Various press reports have stated the album would be released in 2002, which seems unlikely at this late month. According to a February article in Rolling Stone magazine, the album will be "a concept album about a torture survivor from the Balkans who drives a New York cab."

(Posted: Aug. 22, 2002)


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