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(Posted: Aug. 8, 2002. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

U.K. Daily Express reports possible Pink Floyd reunion
Drummer Nick Mason offers thoughts on reuniting with Roger Waters

On Aug. 7, the U.K. Daily Express reported that Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and estranged bandmate Roger Waters would like the band to reform for a charity concert.

"I like the idea of reforming for something enormously worthwhile," Mason says in the article, "such as another Live Aid or its equivalent."

In the article, Mason shares his feelings about his chance encounter with Waters during a holiday in 2001, and his subsequent concert appearance with Waters at Wembley Arena in London in June.

Despite the article's promising headline ("Pink Floyd to make a comeback") and misleading opening paragraph — which imply a reunion concert has already been announced — the piece reports little more than vague interest by Mason and Waters for a Floydian reunion. "Although Roger and I are speaking again," Mason offers, "we're a long way from everyone making friends."

Waters left the band in a bitter split in 1983, and subsequently tried, unsuccessfully, to stop the remaining members from using the name Pink Floyd.

(Posted: Aug. 8, 2002)


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