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spinPink Floyd named one of "greatest bands of all time"
Group earns #49 spot on Spin magazine list

Spin magazine lists Pink Floyd at #49 on its list of the "50 greatest bands of all time." The list appears in the magazine's February issue.

"They morphed from shaggy pop cosmonauts (with original '60s space-case singer/songwriter Syd Barrett) to art-rock Rembrandts (1975's 'Wish You Were Here') to bombastic angst merchants (late '70s on)," the article states. "But the ever-experimental Floyd lives on. Certain Radiohead tracks sound reminiscent and even Slipknot rocks arenas with 'The Wall' before showtime."

The article suggests Air, Tool, Mogwai and Smashing Pumpkins are influenced by the Floyd.

Only Red Hot Chili Peppers rank lower on the list than Floyd. The top five were The Beatles, 1; Ramones, 2; Led Zeppelin, 3; Bob Marley & The Wailers, 4; and Nirvana, 5.

(Posted: Jan. 17, 2002)


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