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(Posted: Jan. 23, 2002. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

Exclusive: Capitol Records seeks Pink Floyd materials
Label will pay for assistance in "Echoes" promotional project

Capitol Records in Los Angeles, Calif., is seeking Pink Floyd materials for a promotional project. The label is prepared to pay contributors for assistance in its search.

The label needs American magazine covers featuring Floyd from throughout the band's career to revise an electronic press kit for "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd." Rolling Stone, Creem, Hit Parader and other publications are sought. Capitol also needs posters and similar artwork from Floyd's U.S. tours.

Contributors will need to agree to loan materials to Capitol so graphic designers can scan the images. The amount of compensation hasn't been announced.

"Echoes" was released Nov. 6, 2001. It entered The Billboard Top 200 chart in the Nov. 24 issue at the #2 position. It subsequently dropped into the teens, where it remains after 10 weeks on the chart. Read more about the chart debut of the album.

Update: Capitol has obtained all the materials it needed. Thanks to everyone who responded to the request.

(Posted: Jan. 23, 2002; Feb. 4, 2002)


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