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dub side of the moonReggae re-recording of "Dark Side of the Moon" coming in 2003
Remake to coincide with 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd's '73 release

Easy Star Records will release "Dub Side of the Moon," a reggae re-working of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," recorded by the Easy Star All-Stars. The remake will be released Feb. 18, 2003, nearly coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the March 1973 release of the original album.

The All-Stars is a studio group assembled by Easy Star house producers Michael G and Ticklah. The group includes reggae, soul and blues artists Corey Harris, Frankie Paul, The Meditations, Sluggy Ranks, Dr. Israel, Gary "Nesta" Pine, and Ranking Joe.

The album has been three years in the making, since it was conceptualized by Easy Star vice president Lem Oppenheimer.

Easy Star is a New York City label founded in 1996 that specializes in reggae music. "Dub Side of the Moon" will be its twelve full-length release.

(Posted: Nov. 10, 2002)


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