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(Posted: Feb. 25, 2003. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

Pink Floyd judgeaction figures coming in 2003
Five models based on "The Wall" first to be released

Action figures based on animations from the film "Pink Floyd The Wall" (1982) will be released in 2003.

Stevenson Entertainment Group has announced its first series of 7-inch "highly detailed" figures will consist of the eagle warplane, marching hammers, the school teacher, the judge (pictured), and the scorpion and Pink. Each action figure will be sold with a piece of wall so collectors can start building their own wall as they collect the figures.

Company founder Hugo Stevenson tells "Floydian Slip," "We've just finished our deal with Roger Waters on this project. We won't actually have the figures until this fall."

The company's Web site states the release date will be in late October or early November.

Animation sequences from "Pink Floyd The Wall" were created by Gerald Scarfe.

Stevenson Entertainment has produced figurines of The Osbournes, Kiss, No Doubt and others under its Smiti tradename.

(Thanks to Scott M. Chapman for the heads up. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

(Posted: Feb. 25, 2003; Aug. 3, 2003)


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