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guitar worldSyd Barrett named one of "25 All-Time Weirdest Guitarists"
Guitar World magazine gives Floyd co-founder dubious honor

Guitar World has placed Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett on its list of the "25 All-Time Weirdest Guitarists." The list appears in the magazine's February issue.

The editors call Barrett "rock's first serious acid casualty," and "an incredibly inventive guitarist who combined an unorthodox slide technique with various echo units to create a truly 'interstellar' sound."

The list, which doesn't seem to be in any order, places Barrett in the company of Roky Erickson, 13th Floor Elevators; Marc Bolan, T-Rex; Angus Young, AC/DC; and others.

The editors call them all "genuine rock weirdos — 25 individuals whose unique personalities and/or playing styles have been dictated not by popular trends, market research firms or knit-capped A&R guys but by an all-consuming need to express themselves to the fullest."

(Posted: Jan. 1, 2003)


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