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Lost track featuring Syd Barrett to be released
Alternate mix of Kevin Ayers song to be reissued with Barrett's contribution restored

EMI will release a 1969 Kevin Ayers recording that includes guitar work by Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett.

An EMI spokesperson has confirmed for "Floydian Slip"™ that a reissue of Ayers's "Joy of a Toy" album will be released in the U.K. in May.

Mojo magazine reported in its February issue that the reissue will include an alternate mix of "Singing a Song in the Morning" with Barrett as a bonus track. The English magazine wrote that the recording is Barrett's only known guest appearance.

Barrett added his overdub to the track on Dec. 17, 1969, when the working title for the song was "Religious Experience." When the single was issued in 1970, Barrett's recording had been removed from the mix. The reissue includes the bonus track with its title restored to "Religious Experience (Syd Barrett Session)."

"We couldn't use any of the stuff because it was all over the place," Ayers says in the Mojo piece.

Ayers was a founding member of The Soft Machine, a band that, like Floyd, helped define the psychedelic underground scene of London in the '60s. He's set to record his first solo record in a decade.

 Listen to a clip from "Religious Experience."

Purchase "Joy of a Toy" now.

(Posted: Jan. 23, 2003)


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