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(Posted: March 19, 2003. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

la vallee dvd"La Vallée" released on DVD
French film features Pink Floyd soundtrack

"La Vallée" ("The Valley"), the 1972 film by Barbet Schroeder that features music by Pink Floyd, was released on DVD on Feb. 25.

The reissue of the French film includes English subtitles and is available for Zone 1 players in the United States and Canada only.

Floyd's 1972 album "Obscured by Clouds" is composed of material the band recorded for the film.

The movie was reissued on VHS after a long absence on May 22, 2001.

Purchase "La Vallée" on DVD.

Purchase "La Vallée" on VHS.

(Posted: March 19, 2003)


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