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steve o'rourkeSteve O'Rourke dies
Long-time Pink Floyd manager succumbs to stroke at age 63

Steve O'Rourke, Pink Floyd manager since 1968, died in Miami, Fla., on Oct. 30. He was 63 and had suffered a stroke.

O'Rourke began working with the Floyd in 1968 while an accountant at the Bryan Morrison Agency (Pretty Things, Incredible String Band, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Fairport Convention). The group had been dropped by its original management firm, Blackhill Enterprises, when Syd Barrett left the group in April '68. Bryan Morrison Agency handled the band's bookings. After the agency was sold to The Beatles' NEMS, the Floyd and O'Rourke left in the early '70s, with O'Rourke forming his own EMKA Productions. (The acronym was formed from the name of his daughter, EMma KAte.)

O'Rourke also managed the solo careers of Floyd members David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Rick Wright, and served as executive producer of the 1982 film "Pink Floyd The Wall."

He was known as a tough, though charming, negotiator. "They wouldn't let me into this building if I wasn't the manager of Pink Floyd," he once quipped to a friend as they walked into a New York record company.

His achievements with Floyd included leading the band in a lucrative move from Capitol Records to Columbia Records in 1973, and navigating the rough waters of the mid-1980s, when co-founder Roger Waters left the group in a bitter split.

O'Rourke was also an accomplished auto racer. A Le Mans veteran, he finished 11th in that prestigious race in 1986.

O'Rourke had been married twice, and had five children.

(Posted: Nov. 9, 2003)

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