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Roger Waters opera to be released this year
Live performances of "Ca Ira" also a possibility

Ex-Pink Floyd member Roger Waters has said he expects a recording of his opera, "Ca Ira," will be released in 2004. Talks are underway to tour the 110-minute piece in Europe.

Waters' comments appeared in a story Feb. 8 on the Web site of U.K. newspaper The Independent.

He spent a good part of the 1990s working on the opera with Etienne Roda-Gil, who wrote the libretto. "It was a loose poetic and polemic history of the French Revolution," Waters says in the story. "It was 50 pages and was an extraordinary document.

"I spent 30 days coming up with two and a half hours of demos for a potential orchestral piece," he adds.

Waters and Roda-Gil translated the work into English after Sony Classics showed interest in the work. "I was kicking and screaming to keep it in French, but we have now done it in English and French," says Waters.

The opera's title comes from the refrain of a famous song of the French Revolution. Literally translated, it means "It shall go well." In the context of the song, it is translated as: "In spite of the traitors, all will succeed. We will win."

(Posted: Feb. 10, 2004)

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