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(Posted: Feb. 11, 2004. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

David Gilmour urges Paul McCartney to give to charity
Floyd guitarist leads by example

The Evening Standard has reported that Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has suggested that Paul McCartney should give more of his money to charity.

Gilmour's remarks come on the heals of his donation of another £3.6 million ($6.8 million) to Crisis, a charity that helps the homeless. He is a regular contributor to the organization through his DG Charitable Trust, donating more than £11 million ($20.8 million) in the past couple years alone.

"My friend Paul McCartney is meant to have more than £500 million. The way he lives you can understand where £100 million goes," he said in the Standard article, "but I have no idea what he does with the other £400 million. That's a crazy amount of money and nobody needs it."

Gilmour's personal worth is estimated to be £64.5 million ($122 million), according to news agency Reuters.

Gilmour appeared on McCartney's 1999 "Run Devil Run" album, and is close enough with the former Beatle to have attended his wedding to Heather Mills last year.

McCartney had no comment.

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(Posted: Feb. 11, 2004)

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