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(Posted: March 14, 2004. Got a tip to share? Email us.)

book cover"Dark Side" book coming in 2005
Scholars from across the globe contribute essays

Ashgate Publishing will publish a book devoted to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album in November 2005.

"Speak to Me: The Legacy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon" will contain 14 essays, three interviews and a 50-page annotated bibliography.

Literary and music scholars from across the globe will contribute the essays, all analyzing the 1973 album. "Floydian Slip" host Craig Bailey has written the preface to the book.

The book, part of Ashgate's Popular and Folk Music Series will be edited by Russell Reising, a professor of English at the University of Toledo (Ohio) and editor of Ashgate's "Every Sound There Is: The Beatles' Revolver and the Transformation of Rock and Roll" (2002).

"This is the second of a series of books I'm doing on what I call 'seminal statements of the rock era,'" explains Reising. "My goal is to assemble collections of essays on albums that were pivotal both in the careers of their performers and in the history of rock. To me, these are albums that help define their own eras and have remained powerful forces in the lives of their fans.

"As a group, we come from different disciplines and perspectives, ranging from literary and cultural studies to musicology to neurology," Reising says of his contributors. "Many of the contributors are themselves performers, so that also boosts the ways in which they are engaged with the material."

The books contains three interviews — with "Dark Side" vocalist Clare Torry; Mike Gordon of Phish, who have performed "Dark Side" live; and Michael Goldwasser of Easy Star Records, producer of "Dub Side of the Moon," a reggae interpretation of the album released in 2003.

Ashgate Publishing is a U.K.-based publisher of academic research in the social sciences and humanities.

"Speak to Me" will be available at retail outlets such as Amazon.com. Purchase your copy online now.

Reising's next book will be called "The Jimi Hendrix Apocalypse: Electric Ladyland and the Universes of Music."

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