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the final cut"The Final Cut" to be reissued in May
"When the Tigers Broke Free" to be added to tracklist

Capitol/EMI will reissue Pink Floyd's "The Final Cut" album in May. The title will include a song not previously part of the album: "When the Tigers Broke Free."

An EMI source in Los Angeles has confirmed for "Floydian Slip" that the U.S. release date will be May 4.

"When the Tigers Broke Free" was included in the 1982 film "Pink Floyd The Wall," though it did not appear on "The Wall" album three years earlier. It was issued as a single in '82, along with "Bring the Boys Back Home," and was intended for a soundtrack of the film, which never reached fruition. Plans to include the song on "The Final Cut" album were also changed before the original album was released in 1983.

The song was first available on CD when it appeared on 1990's "The Wall Berlin '90," a six-song promotional-only release from Floyd's Roger Waters. It's also part of the two CD "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd" collection (2001).

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(Posted: March 17, 2004)

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