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Roger Waters releases new songs
First Internet-only releases for Floyd co-founder

Roger Waters has made available two new songs at his Web site. "To Kill a Child" and "Leaving Beirut" appeared on the Pink Floyd co-founder's site on Sept. 3. They'll be available for purchase at a number of online outlets beginning Sept. 7.

Waters says he began work on the new songs "... immediately after the invasion of Iraq, which is now 15 months ago. It seems apposite to throw them out there on the Net, before the election.

"Historically, there have always been people within the artistic community who have spoken out about things they believe in and they should continue to do so," he added. "I shall certainly continue to do so, whether it has any effect or not, because I feel I have a responsibility to myself to do that."

Waters plays guitar, bass and keyboards and provides vocals on the new tracks. Also appearing are Graham Broad, drums; Andy Fairweather-Low, guitar; Katie Kissoon, PP Arnold, and Carol Kenyon, vocals. The songs were produced by Waters and Nick Griffiths.

New material from Waters has been sparse since release of his "Amused to Death" album in 1992. Since then, he has released only a handful of new songs: "Lost Boys Calling" on the soundtrack to "The Legend of 1900" (1999); "Each Small Candle" on the live "In the Flesh" album (2000); and "Flickering Flame," on the "Flickering Flame: The Solo Years Volume 1" compilation (2002).

Waters started work on a new album in February 2002. There's no word on whether "To Kill a Child" and "Leaving Beirut" will be part of the new album, or what the status of the new album is.

The two news songs will be available for download Sept. 7 at SonyConnect, iTunes, BuyMusic, MusicMatch, MusicNet, MusicNow, Napster, Real/Rhapsody, and Walmart.com.

(Posted: Sept. 5, 2004)

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