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"Floydian Slip" radio station to begin streaming
Plans will expand Champ's listenership beyond northern New England

WCPV-FM/WCVR-FM in Vermont plans to begin streaming its audio in early 2006, according to station management. No firm date has been announced. (See "Addendum" below )

"I'm excited by the news," says producer/host Craig Bailey, who frequently receives inquires from Floyd fans outside the station's listening range.

"When I brought my show to Champ a decade ago, streaming audio was in its nascent stage," he says. "The Net's come a long way — with home broadband service becoming a lot more common, even in rural areas like Vermont.

"Being able to listen to 'Floydian Slip' on the Net will be the biggest step forward the show's ever taken. I'm anxious for the station to announce a firm date to begin streaming, because I realize the proverbial 'fat lady' is only warming up backstage at this point."

The station, owned by Clear Channel Communications, currently broadcasts at 101.3 FM from Essex, N.Y.; and at 102.1 FM from Randolph, Vt. Studios are located in Colchester, Vt.

Champ can currently can be heard from northeastern New York state through Vermont into southwestern New Hampshire.

Champ has aired "Floydian Slip" since October 1995. Bailey started the show as a student at 106-VIC at Ithaca College in Ithaca, N.Y., in 1989. The show runs on Champ from 7 to 8 Eastern time every Sunday night.

Netizens interested in encouraging Champ's move toward streaming audio can follow the instructions in the "Floydian Slip" FAQ.

Addendum: Champ plans to start streaming Monday, March 27, which means the first Floydian Slip to be heard worldwide will be program #537 to air Sunday, April 2. Watch for a "Listen" link on this Web site when the show is streaming online.

(Nov. 11, 2005; March 14, 2006)


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