More (1969)

Pink Floyd

"Your manager and agent are both busy on the phone ..."

Pink Floyd's third album was a soundtrack to the French film "More," directed by Barbet Schroeder ("Barfly," "Reversal of Fortune").

A movie about heroin use, the film didn't make many waves in the United States, but apparently was wildly successful in France, where it has become analogous to "Easy Rider." The movie's success in France gave the Floyd an early strong foothold in that country.

Soundtrack work wasn't entirely new to Floyd. The second recording session it ever participated in, Oct. 31, 1966, at Thompson Private Recording Co. in Hemel Hempstead, became the soundtrack to a film called "San Francisco."

Two years later, the group contributed material to the infamous Peter Sykes film "The Committee," starring Paul Jones from Manfred Mann. The film wasn't officially released until it appeared on DVD in 2005, along with a bonus CD with some music from the film, sadly, none of the Floyd's work.

The band recorded the music for the movie in May 1968, one of the first sessions that incorporate David Gilmour, but a legitimate version of the soundtrack never existed. The next best thing was a 1985 bootleg, which, unfortunately, was taken straight from the film, and apparently includes dialogue over much of the meager 17-minute recording.

Floyd would go on to participate in two other more significant film soundtracks: "Zabriskie Point" in 1970, and 1972's "Obscured by Clouds," the soundtrack to another Schroeder film, "La Vallee."

The soundtrack to "More" was the first album on which the band acted as producer. It peaked at number 153 in the United States.

"More" was Schroeder's directorial debut. The film resurfaced on video, digitally remastered with the original theatrical trailer, in 2000.
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Release date

Jul 27, 1969 (UK)
Aug 1, 1969 (US)

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Track listing

  1. Cirrus Minor
    05:15 (Waters)
  2. The Nile Song
    03:26 (Waters)
  3. Crying Song
    03:34 (Waters)
  4. Up the Khyber
    02:13 (Mason/Wright)
  5. Green Is the Colour
    03:01 (Waters)
  6. Cymbaline
    04:53 (Waters)
  7. Party Sequence
    01:12 (Mason/Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  8. Main Theme
    05:34 (Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  9. More Blues
    02:12 (Mason/Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  10. Quicksilver
    07:11 (Mason/Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  11. A Spanish Piece
    01:05 (Gilmour)
  12. Dramatic Theme
    02:16 (Waters/Wright)