Radio Waves (1987)

Roger Waters

"Billy is face to face with outer space ..."

The highlight of this 17-minute, three-song EP from the United Kingdom is "Going to Live in L.A.," an outtake from Roger Waters' 1987 "Radio K.A.O.S." album. The song fills in the portion of the album's narrative where protagonist Billy moves from Wales to Los Angeles, Calif., to live with his uncle.

The other rarity here is the extended remix of the album's title track.
radio waves album cover

Release date

May 11, 1987 (UK)

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Track listing

  1. Radio Waves (Remix)
    07:03 (Waters)
  2. Going to Live in L.A.
    05:55 (Waters)
  3. Radio Waves (7-inch version)
    03:48 (Waters)