Goldtop (1995)

Pink Floyd

"Any fool knows a dog needs a home, and shelter from pigs on the wing ..."

The eight-track tape version of Pink Floyd's 1977 "Animals" sported additional material not available in any other medium. In 1976, session guitarist Snowy White was put in touch with the band via Kate Bush's manager. The word was that Floyd was looking for an axe man to augment its touring line-up, and had been trying to get ahold of White. Eventually White visited the band in the studio as it was recording "Animals." Waters suggested they might as well put him to work right then and there. The result was "Pigs on the Wing." However, in the end, the song would be split into two parts: Part one began the album, and the second half ended it. Only those lucky (?) enough to purchase the album on eight-track got to hear the song as it was originally recorded, with parts one and two connected by a soaring guitar solo courtesy of White.

The original version went unreleased, except on eight-track, until 1995, when White wisely placed the unedited track on his "Goldtop" album, a compilation of some of his session work. Clocking in at 3:25, the song was mastered and remixed from the original 24-track recording with assistance from Floyd engineer Andy Jackson.

"Goldtop" also sports tracks from Thin Lizzy, Al Stewart, Peter Green and White's own Blues Agency and solo material.

Also of note for Floyd fans was "Drop in from the Top" from Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright's 1978 "Wet Dream" album, and "Love, Pain and Sorrow," a White track from 1994 featuring Floyd guitarist David Gilmour on lead guitar.
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Release date

1995 (UK)
1995 (US)

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Track listing

  1. Pigs on the Wing (Parts 1 & 2)
    03:25 (Waters)