Pulse (1995)

Pink Floyd

"I've been mad for fucking years ..."

Pink Floyd toured in support of "The Division Bell" for eight months between March and October 1994. "Pulse" was the live, double CD document of that tour.

The players were mostly the same group the Floyd had assembled for the "Delicate Sound of Thunder" tour in the late-80s: Guy Pratt on bass, Jon Carin on keyboards, Tim Renwick on guitar, and percussionist Gary Wallis, in addition to Floyds David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason.

For this tour the group decided to go ahead with a notion that they had rejected during their last tour: namely, performing "Dark Side of the Moon" in its entirety. Disc two of "Pulse," therefore, is a live recording of that 1973 classic rock standard, followed by an encore of "Wish You Were Here," "Comfortably Numb," and "Run Like Hell."

Former bandmate Roger Waters confirmed during interviews surrounding his 1999/ 2000 U.S. tour that he was asked to join the band on the "Pulse" tour to perform "Dark Side" with the group. Waters declined.

Perhaps more noteworthy than the recording was the album's packaging. The two discs of "Pulse" came inside a 44-page hardcover booklet, filled with full-color photos of the tour — some of the best photos of that tour or any other Floyd show. The booklet, in turn, was housed in a cardboard box, complete with a red light in the spine, blinking out a perpetual heartbeat rhythm.
pulse album cover

Release date

May 30, 1995 (UK)
Jun 6, 1995 (US)

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Track listing

  1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond
    13:25 (Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  2. Astronomy Domine
    04:21 (Barrett)
  3. What Do You Want From Me
    04:09 (Wright/Gilmour/Samson)
  4. Learning to Fly
    05:16 (Gilmour/Ezrin/Moore/Carin)
  5. Keep Talking
    06:53 (Wright/Gilmour/Samson)
  6. Coming Back to Life
    06:56 (Gilmour)
  7. Hey You
    04:39 (Waters)
  8. A Great Day for Freedom
    04:30 (Gilmour/Samson)
  9. Sorrow
    10:49 (Gilmour)
  10. High Hopes
    07:52 (Gilmour/Samson)
  11. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
    07:08 (Waters)
  12. Speak to Me
    02:30 (Mason/Waters)
  13. Breathe
    02:34 (Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  14. On the Run
    03:48 (Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  15. Time
    06:47 (Mason/Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  16. The Great Gig in the Sky
    05:52 (Waters/Wright)
  17. Money
    08:54 (Waters)
  18. Us and Them
    06:58 (Waters/Wright)
  19. Any Colour You Like
    03:21 (Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
  20. Brain Damage
    03:46 (Waters)
  21. Eclipse
    02:38 (Waters)
  22. Wish You Were Here
    06:35 (Waters/Gilmour)
  23. Comfortably Numb
    09:29 (Waters/Gilmour)
  24. Run Like Hell
    08:37 (Waters/Gilmour)