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Pink Floyd

Listen to a sample show

Note: This demonstrates how the program sounds when airing on Rock 102 in Springfield, Mass. You'll receive your own custom-voiced IDs to make the show sound uniquely your own!

"Floydian Slip" #1073 (Telescoped)

"Floydian Slip" #1073 (Full)

(Trouble listening? Download a sample show)

Supporting documents


  1. How is the show distributed? "Floydian Slip" affiliate stations get a log-in account at, so they can log in and download each week's show. If you'd like to automate your weekly download, we also offer FTP access. And if you have your own FTP server, we can even push the show to you each week.
  2. When are new show's available? New shows are made available every Monday at 00:00 Eastern time. Affiliates get a reminder email each time a new show is made available.
  3. Are there any outspots? No outspots! Six (6) minutes of network commercial inventory is "baked in" to each show.
  4. Can you accommodate non-commercial stations? Yes. We give away the show to stations with licenses that prohibit them from airing commercial announcements. We substitute Ad Council PSAs for our usual network advertising, and still offer six (6) minutes of local availabilities for stations to fill as they wish.
  5. Does the show come as a single digital file? Our weekly download file is a single zip file, containing:

    • Four (4) high-bitrate MP3 files:
      • Three (3) show segments; and
      • One (1) show-specific promo for you to tag
    • Two (2) supporting PDF documents:
      • A detailed rundown with exact segment times and outcues; and
      • A promo sheet for live reads.

    Stations have told us "Floydian Slip" is one of the simplest syndicated shows they've worked with.
  6. How do I reset my affiliate account passwords? To reset your website account, click the "Forgot password?" link on the affiliate login form. A new password will be generated and emailed to the contact(s) associated with your affiliate account. You can have up to two email addresses associated with your account. You can reset your password to something easier to remember once you've logged in.

    You cannot reset your FTP account password, but you can retrieve it once you log in to the website. Find it under "FTP credentials."
  7. Can you record some custom promos for our station? Absolutely! When you sign on you'll get:

    • Four (4) customized 60-second promos;
    • Five (5) customized 30-second promos;
    • Several 10-second liners to use when returning to "Floydian Slip" from local breaks; and
    • Custom promo tags for you to stick on the end of our weekly show-specific promo

    We're happy to voice additional material for you, too — spots and liners for your "Floydian Slip" sponsors, for example — just ask.