Profiles (1985)

Nick Mason

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By the '80s, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason had teamed with former 10cc guitarist Rick Fenn to create music production company Bamboo Music.

Fenn was a former guitarist with British art rock group 10cc. He also logged time with instrumentalist Mike Oldfield — best known for Tubular Bells, which was adopted as the chilling theme to "The Exorcist" — Abba, Rick Wakeman, and the London Symphony Orchestra. Bamboo Music produced music jingles for corporate clients like HMV, a British chain of record stores.

The duo's only album was 1985's "Profiles," produced at Britannia Row studios. A collection of typical mid-'80s synth-pop, Profiles included "Lie for a Lie," sung by Floyd's David Gilmour, which showed up on a compilation called "Heard It on the Radio, Vol. 3," released Oct. 26, 1999.

The album reached to the 154th position in the United States, fairing only slightly better than Mason's 1981 "Fictitious Sports" album, which climbed to 170.

Mason and Fenn's other collaborations were a number of film soundtracks, including: "Life Could Be a Dream" (1986), "White of the Eye" (1987), "Body Contact" (1987) and "Tank Malling" (1989).
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Release date

Aug 19, 1985 (UK)
Jul 29, 1985 (US)

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Track listing

  1. Malta
    06:00 (Mason/Fenn)
  2. Lie for a Lie
    03:08 (Mason/Fenn/Peyronel)
  3. Rhoda
    03:21 (Mason/Fenn)
  4. Profiles Part 1/Profiles Part 2
    10:02 (Mason/Fenn)
  5. Israel
    03:32 (Fenn/Peyronel)
  6. And the Address
    02:49 (Mason/Fenn)
  7. Mumbo Jumbo
    03:52 (Mason/Fenn)
  8. Zip Code
    03:05 (Mason/Fenn)
  9. Black Ice
    03:41 (Mason/Fenn)
  10. At the End of the Day
    02:43 (Mason/Fenn)
  11. Profiles Part 3
    01:58 (Mason/Fenn)