Wet Dream (1978)

Rick Wright

"Give me time to be at ease ..."

The May 1978 release of Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright's first solo album, "Wet Dream," coincided with guitarist David Gilmour's self-titled release. Both Wright and Gilmour went about their solo business, as Roger Waters hunkered down to write "The Wall" (1979) following the band's 1977 "Animals" album, and subsequent "In the Flesh" tour.

"Wet Dream," like Gilmour's solo effort, was recorded at Super Bear Studios in France, where both would return shortly after, to record "The Wall." (Wright recorded his material from Jan. 10, 1978, to Feb. 14.) Wright had been living in Greece at the time, in tax exile from his native England.

Wright produced the album himself, and used guitarist Snowy White, who had recently toured with the Floyd, as well as Mel Collins, a saxophonist who would continue to have associations with Floyd.
wet dream album cover

Release date

Sep 22, 1978 (UK)

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Track listing

  1. Medierranean C
    03:54 (Wright)
  2. Against the Odds
    04:00 (Wright/Wright)
  3. Cat Cruise
    05:16 (Wright)
  4. Summer Elegy
    04:55 (Wright)
  5. Waves
    04:21 (Wright)
  6. Holiday
    06:12 (Wright)
  7. Mad Yannis Dance
    03:19 (Wright)
  8. Drop in from the Top
    03:26 (Wright)
  9. Pink's Song
    03:30 (Wright)
  10. Funky Deux
    04:57 (Wright)