Pink Floyd bookazine coming from Uncut

Posted March 28, 2015 by Floydian Slip

The U.K.’s Uncut magazine will launch its Ultimate Collectors’ Edition series in April with its first issue devoted to Pink Floyd.

Marketing and Events Executive Charlotte Treadaway tells “Floydian Slip,” “It will be a high quality bookazine, packed with great feature content, classic interviews and new takes on every album.”

More details when they’re available.

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The average face of Pink Floyd

Posted March 27, 2015 by Floydian Slip

average-faceWest Coast Shaving has taken the faces of each member of Pink Floyd and created a photographic “average” of them (right).

The result, in our opinion, looks most similar to guitarist David Gilmour.

We reached out to the company to see if all five members (Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Rick Wright) are included in the Floyd photo, but didn’t hear back.

The firm actually gave this treatment to 30 rocks bands, which makes for interesting conversion, not the least of which would be the question, “Why would a men’s grooming company do this?” Perhaps it thinks they all need a good shave.

Nonetheless, never say no to fun. All photos are below.



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“Floydian Slip” coming to The Drive

Posted March 25, 2015 by Floydian Slip

the_drive“Floydian Slip” will begin streaming on The Drive starting April 4. The station will carry the show Saturdays at 6 p.m. MT.

“The Drive” is a classic rock Internet station based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

More than 60 affiliate stations have joined the show’s Random Precision Radio Network, created in Summer 2009 when we began syndicating our show from our Vermont studio.

Shine on, Calgary!

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Pink Floyd crossword puzzle: Wish You Were Here

Posted March 25, 2015 by Floydian Slip

crossword4_thumbWe’ve made available our fourth Pink Floyd crossword puzzle.

The theme of Puzzlus Enigma #4 is “Wish You Were Here.”

We’ll post the solution here in a week or so.

Download the puzzle (664 kb; PDF).


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Floydian Slip’s Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios #9: A note from Ron Geesin

Posted March 25, 2015 by Floydian Slip

As we lead up to “Floydian Slip” Show #1,000 the week of June 8, we’re digging into the archives to share relics from the show’s past.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to interview Ron Geesin. The occasion was the 40th anniversary of the soundtrack he did with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: “Music from ‘The Body.'” (Ron also played a pivotal role in Floyd’s “Atom Heart Mother” [1970].)

As a follow-up, in March 2011, Ron mailed us some of his CDs. Included in the box was this cryptic note.

You can hear and read a transcript of our interview with Ron online


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Alleged “Great Dance Songs” house sold, but misidentified

Posted March 25, 2015 by Floydian Slip

garden-cottageGarden Cottage (pictured), the house said to appear on the cover of Pink Floyd’s “A Collection of Great Dance Songs” (1981), has sold at auction for £215,000.

But, contrary to prior reports, the structure in Dungeness, Romney Marsh, is not the house from the album cover.

The Folkestone Herald reports Trevor Bunney of Dungeness says,”This cottage is not the cottage on the album, which is actually called Seagull Cottage. It’s situated further north just off of the Dungeness estate in between The Pilot public house and Kerton Road bridge.

Seagull Cottage is no longer in existence as it was destroyed by fire in the early 1980s. If you look to the right on the album cover you can just make out the houses over Kerton Road bridge, I know this for a fact as a kid I played in Seagull Cottage when it was derelict.”

The property was expected to go for £160,000.

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“Floydian Slip” preview #989

Posted March 24, 2015 by Floydian Slip

lp-capitol-rainbowJoin us this week for Floydian Slip #989:

  • Floyd from Obscured by Clouds (1972) and The Wall (1979)
  • Live material from the band’s kick-off of its “Division Bell” tour in 1994
  • Rick Wright solo
  • And much more

“Floydian Slip” is heard across the 60 stations of our Random Precision Radio Network. Learn where and when to listen.

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“Floydian Slip” songlist #988

Posted March 23, 2015 by Floydian Slip

lp-animals“In the Flesh”

  1. The Dogs of War
    Delicate Sound of Thunder (1988)
  2. Mother
    Is There Anybody Out There?: The Wall Live 1980-81 (2000)
  3. Dogs
    In the Flesh (Roger Waters) (2000)
  4. Careful with that Axe, Eugene
    Live at Pompeii (1972)
  5. Wots … Uh the Deal
    Remember That Night (David Gilmour) (2006)

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Floydian Slip’s Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios #8: WEXP photos

Posted March 22, 2015 by Floydian Slip

As we lead up to “Floydian Slip” Show #1,000 the week of June 8, we’re digging into the archives to share relics from the show’s past.

wexpWEXP 105.1 FM, an Adult Album Alternative (Triple-A) station in Burlington, Vt., was the first commercial radio station to carry “Floydian Slip.”

I started the show there Friday, Dec. 2, 1994. It aired at 11 p.m. once a month, during the new moon, while I served full-time as the station’s evening jock.

The “Experience 105.1″ studios were located on College Street in Burlington, on the second floor across from what was The Burlington Free Press space. At the time, I was living about a two-minute walk from the station, across from City Hall Park.

Aside from the occasional rumble of traffic that sometimes permeated the studio walls, it was a great space — warm, friendly, high-tech and very downtown chic. At least by Vermont standards.

Unfortunately, the station was a brand new, stand-alone start-up, and within just a year ownership had exhausted its capital and sold to another local broadcasting company. Hall Communications took over WEXP in spring ’95, moved it to its existing facility on Joy Drive in South Burlington, and WEXP became WKOL.

“Kool 105″ remains on the air today, playing classic hits, though none of the full-time WEXP staffers continued after the sale.

Hall Communications is also the owner of WIZN 106.7 FM in Burlington. “The Wizard” is a rock institution in Burlington, and the station I aspired to be a part of when I was studying broadcasting in the ’80s. WIZN has been a “Floydian Slip” affiliate since autumn 2009.

… we came in? Isn’t this where …


WEXP air studio: XTC, the Allman Bros. and Robert Plant all on-deck in the lower-left of this photo. Jocks had complete creative control. Play whatever you wish, talk whenever you want to, and say whatever you feel like saying. Rare for the mid-’90s. Even more rare today.



WEXP air studio. The station’s music library was composed mostly of CDs donated by the station’s seven owners. That might be Pink Floyd’s Shine On boxset on the bottom shelf.



Visitors to the front office were greeted by a large mural of the WEXP logo.



The WEXP front office, viewed from the entrance



WEXP production studio — all-digital and state-of-the-art for its time


WEXP production studio


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Floydian Slip’s Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios #7: WEXP promo

Posted March 18, 2015 by Floydian Slip

As we lead up to “Floydian Slip” Show #1,000 the week of June 8, we’re digging into the archives to share relics from the show’s past.

wexpBy 1994, I was on my second job out of college at a start-up stand-alone FM station in Burlington, Vt., called WEXP “Experience 105.1.”

The station launched in summer ’94, and by December I’d convinced station management to let me revive “Floydian Slip” as a late-night offering.

Station program director Joel Bolton suggested we air the show on the new moon — when the moon was dark. It was a clever tie-in to “The Dark Side of the Moon,” but it probably made it difficult for the show to build any sort of fan base, since new moons don’t appear on the same day of the month every month.

That and the station went dark by summer 1995.

Here’s a promo for that first WEXP show, which aired Friday, Dec. 2, 1994, at 11 p.m. EST.

While WEXP’s studios were state-of-the-art all-digital facilities — rare for that time — this promo was archived on a 120-minute cassette, which, like many 2-hour cassettes, didn’t employ the highest quality tape.

Interestingly, though I started the show at Ithaca College’s 106-VIC in 1989, this WEXP show is actually Show #1, since this is when I began numbering shows.


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