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Audio/Video: Roger Waters teases new album

Posted January 13, 2017 by Floydian Slip

yeah! ?@deadskinboy

A video posted by Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) on

Roger Waters posted this brief clip of him playing in the studio with producer Nigel Godrich.

Waters has said he’s working on a new album, which would be his first studio album of new material since “Amused to Death” (1992). (Read “Roger Waters: New album coming in 2016.”)

Godrich, best known as producer of Radiohead, was one of the producers of 2015’s film soundtrack “Roger Waters The Wall.”

Waters begins his 2017 North American tour May 26 in Kansas City, Mo.

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Video: David Gilmour on CBS This Morning

Posted March 29, 2016 by Floydian Slip

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Michael Boumendil interview streaming on-demand

Posted August 10, 2015 by Floydian Slip

michael_boumendilOur interview with Michaël Boumendil, co-writer of David Gilmour‘s new track “Rattle That Lock,” is available online.

You can listen to the interview and read a transcript at

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Audio: David Gilmour on BBC Radio 2; single available

Posted July 17, 2015 by Floydian Slip

david gilmourArchive audio is available now of David Gilmour‘s appearance on this morning’s “Chris Evans Breakfast Show” from BBC Radio 2.

Sara Cox sits in for Evans on the episode.

Gilmour talks about the just-released single from his upcoming album “Rattle That Lock,” his attitude toward Pink Floyd, and his upcoming tour dates. They also play the track.

The audio will be available for the next 29 days. Gilmour’s appearance begins at about 2 hours and 13 minutes.

Listen to the interview and song

You can buy the single and pre-order the album at

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Roger Waters radio special excerpts

Posted July 17, 2015 by Floydian Slip

Roger Waters: Amused to Death radio showWe’ve posted podcast excerpts from the new syndicated radio special “Roger Waters Amused to Death.”

The one-hour program comes one week ahead of the July 24 reissue of Waters’ 1992 album, now described by a sticker affixed to its front as “Roger Waters’ portrait of a distracted society.”

The special will air beginning today on selected radio stations and contains selections from the album’s 14 tracks as well as extensive interview material with Waters.

Floydian Slip’s Craig Bailey is the host.

We’ve also posted a transcript of the program.

Listen to the excerpts

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Roger Waters radio special preview

Posted July 6, 2015 by Floydian Slip

Roger Waters: Amused to Death radio show“Roger Waters: Amused to Death,” a one-hour syndicated radio special, will begin airing on select stations Friday, July 17.

The program, hosted by Floydian Slip’s Craig Bailey, features audio from Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters as well as all 14 tracks from the album.

Sony/Legacy Recordings is reissuing the ’92 album July 24.

The new version features a 5.1 Surround Sound remix on high-definition Blu-ray media, as well as a newly remastered stereo mix by longtime Waters/Floyd collaborator James Guthrie.

Stations interested in carrying the program can sign up now. The show’s also available as a four-part web series for website owners to post online.

“Roger Waters: Amused to Death” is produced by Paul Chuffo of Joyride Media.

Here’s a 6:00 preview of the show:

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Reprise: Show #1,000 guest appearances

Posted June 22, 2015 by Floydian Slip

We’d asked you to pay attention and name some of the guests you heard making appearances on “Floydian Slip” Show #1,000 a couple weeks ago for a chance to win.

The contest is over!

So here are those guest segments again, for anyone who might have missed them:

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Winners: Pink Floyd T-shirts

Posted June 22, 2015 by Floydian Slip

Congratulations to winners of Pink Floyd T-shirts from the Official Web store of Pink Floyd:

  • Josh McNamara, Carthage, MO
  • Chuck LaBorde, Allegany, NY
  • Jessica Hauptmann, Aurora, CO

We’d asked you to name at least three of the five guests you heard on “Floydian Slip” Show #1,000. They were:

  • Andy Jackson, Pink Floyd producer/engineer
  • Harry Waters, musician
  • Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell, Pink Floyd sleeve designer
  • James Guthrie, Pink Floyd producer
  • Peter Jenner, Pink Floyd manager/producer

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Floydian Slip’s Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios #20: First syndicated show

Posted May 29, 2015 by Floydian Slip

As we lead up to “Floydian Slip” Show #1,000 the week of June 8, we’re digging into the archives to share relics from the show’s past.

garageband“Floydian Slip” was at a crossroads in Summer 2009: After nearly 14 years of producing the show as an employee of WCPV “Champ 101.3” in Burlington, Vt., the show was dropped when Champ switched formats.

There were three ways to proceed: Retire the show, find another station to hire me, or begin producing “Floydian Slip” independently and try to syndicate to multiple stations.

The first option was the easiest, and I considered it, briefly. After 701 shows and 20 years, maybe it was time.

The second option would take a little more effort, but leave me in the same position I’d been in at Champ: No way to substantially grow the audience and limited revenue possibilities.

The third option would take loads of effort, but offered the greatest benefits if I succeeded.

I’d explored the possibility of syndication 20 years earlier, but it didn’t make sense. Without an instant and cheap way to market and distribute the show to stations — in other words, without the Internet — it seemed like a great way to lose a lot of money: Burning programs onto CD at about a buck a piece, snail mailing them to stations, overnighting copies that got lost or damaged in the mail … it just wasn’t practical.

But now it was different. Everyone and their mother was online. With as a hub to market and distribute the show — it helps when your show’s host is a full-time web developer — why not?

The cost to entry was pretty low. I needed a broadcast-quality mic, an interface to get my voice onto harddrive, a little soundproofing and I was in business.

It was a little more involved than that, actually. I needed to build a network of stations interested in carrying the show.

We signed the first station — a netcaster in Burlington — to our Random Precision Radio Network in mid-September 2009. Our first FM affiliate followed a month later when Burlington’s WIZN 106.7 FM “The Wizard” came aboard.

The Wizard’s support meant a lot to me. As a broadcasting student in the ’80s, WIZN was the station I aspired to be a part of.

Still, syndication didn’t feel “real” until Jan. 21, 2010, when a station a thousand miles away, with no prior knowledge of the show, signed on: WRBA “Arrow 95.9” in Panama City Beach, Fla.

WIZN and WRBA (now “Classic Rock 95.9”) are still part of our network — along with more than 60 other stations.

Here’s the opening of our first syndicated show: #702 from Sept. 19, 2009:

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Floydian Slip’s Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios #19: Final Champ 101.3 show

Posted May 21, 2015 by Floydian Slip

As we lead up to “Floydian Slip” Show #1,000 the week of June 8, we’re digging into the archives to share relics from the show’s past.

Champ 101.3The longest time “Floydian Slip” spent on any single stand-alone station was the nearly 14 years we spent on Champ 101.3 (WCPV) in Burlington, Vt.

Champ was the third station to carry the show, and the second commercial station out in the “real world” to play host to “Floydian Slip.”

We came on-board when Rich Haskell was the station’s program director. Rich is a huge progressive rock fan — though we’ll forgive his putting Genesis above Floyd on his favorites list — as well as a great all-around guy, and his enthusiasm for the show was integral to its evolution.

He responded the same day he received our pitch in the mail, and we were up and running a couple months later after the station found a sponsor for the show.

We started out on Champ Thursday nights at 10, before being moved to 9 p.m., and eventually getting moved to Sunday nights at 7, where we aired the vast majority of our shows.

Our time with Champ marked one of our most important steps forward: Netcasting. Starting with our time at WEXP in 1995, we began promoting the show heavily on the Internet. Ironically, the vast majority of people who heard about the show, couldn’t tune in to listen. But that changed when Champ eventually started netcasting 24/7.

Near the end

Amazingly, “Floydian Slip” survived several ownership and personnel changes at the station, the likes of which are notorious for ending quirky little endeavors like “Slip.”

The end finally came in spring 2009, shortly after the station changed hands yet again, and the new owners shifted focus away from classic rock before switching gears entirely when they flipped to an all-sports format.

We were grateful for the chance to come into the studio one more time to record a farewell show after getting the pink slip. (Pink slip. Get it?) It’s pretty uncommon for management at any station to allow a jock in front of an open mic after they’ve been let go.

Champ continues today as 101.3 ESPN. Rich co-hosts the station’s afternoon drive show.

The final “Floydian Slip” on Champ was show #701, which aired Sunday, June 7, 2009.

I have a listener to thank for capturing the audio and sending it to me, since I didn’t roll tape on that final show. Unfortunately, his name is lost to me now.


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