Pink Floyd crossword puzzle: Solution

Posted January 6, 2013 by Floydian Slip

Here’s the solution to our crossword puzzle “Puzzlus Enigma #3: The Wall”: Download the solution (647 KB; PDF).

If you’re looking for the puzzle, you can download the puzzle here (634 KB; PDF).

2 comments on “Pink Floyd crossword puzzle: Solution”

  1. ThePiper2112 says:

    Can anyone confirm that 13 Across is correct. I have never heard of the lyric being “ behind the GRANDSTAND”. It is “BIKE SHED(S)”. I’ve listened to the song countless times and the album version, nor the live version from “Is There Anybody Out There?” has this lyric. And the film version of song doesn’t contain that portion of the track at all, so can anyone tell me what version of the track this crossword is referring to, or is it just incorrect?

  2. Indeed, you are correct! Our research team has been given a month’s suspension, without pay.

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