Photos: Casa Madrona’s “Piper Room”

Posted July 3, 2014 by Floydian Slip

We reported a couple of months ago that the Casa Madrona hotel in Sausalito, Calif., has opened to the public the suite where a young Pink Floyd stayed during its first tour of the United States.

We recently received this photo of the suite, which starts at $509 a night.



2 comments on “Photos: Casa Madrona’s “Piper Room””

  1. Michael J. Hudson says:

    Not sure that’s the “Piper Room” suite. Looks like that photo is just one of the suites. I see info about the “Piper Room” price and I see the same exact photo above the article talking about the “Alexandria” suite:

  2. According to the hotel’s PR firm, that’s it. But I agree. Doesn’t look very “Floydy.”

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