Cambridge orchestra to premiere Pink Floyd-inspired piece

Posted June 30, 2017 by Floydian Slip

tim brooks

The Cambridge Concert Orchestra will premiere a composition by Tim Brooks (pictured) called “Grantchester Variations,” an homage to Syd Barrett and the band he helped found and inspired by Pink Floyd‘s “Grantchester Meadows.”

The piece “will certainly intrigue Pink Floyd fans and lovers of modern orchestral music,” according to orchestra chairman Jan Mentha. “The harmonies and rhythms evoke the early exploratory Floyd works. So far as the orchestra knows, this the only orchestral ‘tribute’ to the iconic band.”

The orchestra will perform the piece as part of its 50th anniversary concert Saturday, July 8 at West Road Concert Hall.

Brooks, of Cambridge, studied music at York University and gained a teaching qualification in music and drama from Leeds University.

More information is available at the orchestra’s website.

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