Video trailer: David Gilmour Live at Pompeii

Posted July 15, 2017 by Floydian Slip

“Floydian Slip” will have tickets to give away to the theatre of your choice, courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing. Details coming in August.

8 comments on “Video trailer: David Gilmour Live at Pompeii”

  1. Russell Reising says:

    I stood for over an hour one hot July afternoon in the center of the colosseum at Pompeii imagining that some day I’d be able to witness something like this.

  2. Rudy Chase says:

    Understanding the history of Pompeii, and actually mankind in general, I’ve always found it amazing that any rock acts played there. That my favorite of all time, David Gilmour, played there is just plain awesome. I have wished countless times that I had been there in person!

  3. mike robinson says:

    no doubt the best gutiarsest in the world

  4. Todd Landry says:

    The original Live at Pompeii from 1971 is still one of my very favorite concert movies. The Floyd at their best. I still love watching Nick Mason drum and especially the part where he loses a drumstick and without missing a beat picked a new stick from the side and played away. Heading Echoes live… the best!

  5. C. Frank Schultz says:

    Gilmour is my favorite Floydian. Greatest guitar player in the world. Rodgers Waters needs to get his head out of his Ass. Real head case. Like everyone else as much as Gilmour other than Waters.

  6. Kevin Kram says:

    Craig, I tried getting on your site that gives away the digital download of Roger Waters new album but, it kept taking me to the give away of the 304 page book. Not sure what happened there but……………….. I’d sure like to win that download.

  7. Kevin Kram says:

    Just to let you know also, I’ve loved the Pink Floyd band since they brought out the Hour Long An Hour with Pink Floyd. That show that they taped in San Fransisco was amazing! No backup from an orchestra or even a rhythm player just the four of them and it sounded FABULOUS! I wish I could get a copy the Original version, with the DC-3 taking off and a LOT MORE of Gilmours playing of his Strat!
    Craig, maybe you try and get the Original version for people, just a thought!

  8. @Kevin: You missed the deadline for the “Is This the Life…” contest. It was replaced with the “Their Mortal Remains” contest, which has now also expired.

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