“Floydian Slip” coming to WFML-FM (Vincennes, IN)

Posted September 13, 2017 by Floydian Slip

“Floydian Slip” will begin airing on WFML 96.7 FM in Vincennes, Ind., starting this Sunday, Sept. 17. The station will carry the show Sundays at 10 pm ET.

“The Bridge” is a 2,150-watt station serving Knox County, Ind., and southeastern Illinois.

It’s the latest station to join the Random Precision Radio Network, a collection of 90 broadcasters that air “Floydian Slip,” produced in our Shelburne, Vt., studio.

Shine on, Vincennes!

2 comments on ““Floydian Slip” coming to WFML-FM (Vincennes, IN)”

  1. we need flyodian slip on a radio station that reaches not only Chicago, but northwest Indiana, as well. have you tried getting the show to at least one of the following stations? Like 93.1 wxrt, 979 the loop, or 97.1 FM the drive, in Chicago? For northwest Indiana, try contacting wxrd X-Rock, in crown point, Indiana.

  2. WXRT, WLUP and WDRV are all in the Chicago market, as is “Floydian Slip” affiliate WFXF. We guarantee market exclusivity for all affiliate stations — that’s standard practice — so we can’t take on another Chicago station.

    WXRD has been pitched, but has declined.

    You can lend a hand by searching for stations in your area and contacting them to offer your support through a quick and easy webform here Tell ’em you wanna hear “Floydian Slip” on your local airwaves.

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