“Floydian Slip” songlist #1126

Posted November 13, 2017 by Floydian Slip

  1. Comfortably Numb
    Delicate Sound of Thunder (1988)
  2. Nile Song
    More (Film soundtrack) (1969)
  3. Two of a Kind
    The Peel Session (Syd Barrett) (1988)
  4. In the Beechwoods
    The Early Years: 1965–1972 (2016)
  5. The Gunner’s Dream
    The Final Cut (1983)
  6. Faces of Stone
    Rattle That Lock (David Gilmour) (2015)
  7. Give Me Something to Remember You By (*Floydian Slip Up*)
    No More Fear of Flying (Gary Brooker) (1979)
  8. Poles Apart
    The Division Bell (1994)

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